Anxiety and Depression Treatment

Life is challenging, and sometimes it feels lonely, frightening, and hopeless. Anxiety and depression can be very difficult to handle and can be related to perinatal issues.

Sometimes it's hard to sleep and hard to get through the day due to all the stress and worry and sadness.  And sometimes it's even hard to breathe.

You don't have to suffer alone.  Therapy can help you gain control over your life and your emotions and help you recognize the power that you have within.

Through therapy, you will learn skills to manage painful emotions, learn how to change your thinking, gain insight into yourself, and you will become empowered to achieve your goals.  Often, I invite partners or family members into sessions to gain a different perspective from them.  If necessary, I can refer you and your family members for couples or family therapy.

For additional information about anxiety disorders, visit the National Institute of Mental Health website. For more information about depression, view the National Institute of Mental Health brochure about depression.

anxiety and depression

My Goal of Therapy

My goal of therapy is to get you to a place where you do not need to come to therapy any longer. 

Therapy should be purposeful, meaningful, and temporary.  I often equate it to a boat.  If you need to get across a river, you get into the boat, take the boat across the river, then get out of the boat and go on your way.  You do not pick up the boat once you get to the other side of the river and carry the boat around with you.  In the same way that you use the boat temporarily, therapy is also used temporarily. 

My goal is to help you get to the place where you can go on your way, without therapy.  I offer therapy services at my office, and, if you would prefer, I also offer “Walking Therapy,” in which we step out of the office and walk outside during our session.  This unique way of doing therapy provides the added benefit of exercise, which is nature’s “medication!” 

anxiety and depression - you can change how you react

Are you or someone you know experiencing anxiety or depression?

I would be happy to meet with you to discuss treatment options and to offer you support and hope.