Counseling Services and Talk Therapy in Torrington

Sometimes life is hard, and during these times it can be helpful to have a safe space to talk to a compassionate, caring, nonjudgmental person  in a counseling setting.

You have taken the first step toward healing, simply by coming to this website.  Congratulations!  Please take a few moments to get to know me and the services I provide. 

A safe place and a caring person are what you will experience when you meet with me.  You will be provided with confidential and compassionate care in a relaxing setting.  Although it can be difficult to begin the process of working with a therapist, I work hard to make the counseling process as comfortable as possible.

I'm Here To Help

Are you experiencing symptoms of Anxiety and/or Depression

Have you experienced a life transition such as a recent loss, a job change, a recent move, or a divorce?  

Are you a pregnant or postpartum mom who is seeking support during this time of change?

Have you experienced trauma in the past and are seeking healing?

If any of this is happening if your life, I am available for you.  I utilize not only the latest therapy tools and techniques to help you through your healing process, but I also use my compassionate and caring nature to nurture you through this process.

Counseling for dark days

How Therapy Will Help You

In therapy you will learn tools that will help you manage difficult feelings.  You will be able to improve your communication in order to get your needs met.  You'lll be able to identify your strengths.   You will be able to use these strengths to survive and to thrive.  You will learn how to set healthy boundaries, and you will become empowered.  You'll be able to take control of your life!

I will be with you every step of the way, guiding, coaching, encouraging, and supporting.   Making changes is difficult, and, with the right supports, it is possible.  There is hope.  You can survive.

Counseling Services - My Specialties

Individual Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder (PMAD) treatment, which includes in-home therapy for moms who qualify, as well as a Mom’s Support Group that is currently in the developmental stage (stay tuned for more information!).

Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

“Walking Therapy”